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Good quality Pallet Storage Racks for sales
Good quality Pallet Storage Racks for sales
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—— Peter Riddell

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  • Production Line

    Upright, Beam, Bracings Roll Forming Production Line


    This highly automated production line enjoys the advantages like fast speed, high precision, low cumulative error, and high security. The relevant details are described as below:


    1. This equipment not only can be used for multi-facet continuous punching and rolling, also can be applied for the multi-facet intermittent punching to fulfill the special rolling requirements. Its procedure can be freely set.


    2. With the average speed of 34 meters per minute, it can ultimately ensure the strong production capacity.


    3. We can accurately make the upright with the maximum amount of facets up to 21, and the upright comes with excellent rigidity and bearing capacity. Also, the high accuracy can ensure the final accurate rack installation.


    4. The high speed cutting enables the upright to offer high flatness and good finish, thus ensuring the vertical precision and horizontal consistency of the storage rack.

    5. Our production line can roll the zinc plated upright without damaging the galvanized surface


    Jiangsu Unisource Industrial Co.,Ltd.


    Robert Welding 


    Jiangsu Unisource Industrial Co.,Ltd.


    Qualified welding equipment plays an important role in the warehouse making since it can ensure the fastness and durability of the welding. With our automatic welding robot,after you setting the welding trajectory according to the actual workpiece’s requirement, then the equipment can automatically complete the welding job with uniform, smooth, and full welded joint.


    Fully robotic beam welding machines


    Jiangsu Unisource Industrial Co.,Ltd.



    Our Powder Coating Line


    Jiangsu Unisource Industrial Co.,Ltd.


    Unisource Industrial Powder Coating Process



    Overview of Powder Coating:


    The powder coating process is very similar to a painting process except that the “paint” is a dry powder rather than a liquid. The powder sticks to the parts due to electrostatic charging of the powder and grounding of the parts. Any substrate can be used that can tolerate the heat of curing the powder and that can be electrically grounded to enhance charged particle attachment. The powder flows and cures during the application of heat.




    Superficial Process:


    1. Pre-treatment Process : thermal debinding (oil removing) → washing → acid-washing (antirust )→ washing→ neutralize → washing → surface conditioning → hot phosphate → washing → high pressure washing

    2. Powder Coating Process : hang products → preliminary drying (dehydration) → cooling → automatic spraying (10 mins) → dry (solidify, 180-200 degree) → cooling → finished products → package

    3. The whole powder coating process adopts hanging chain conveyor to reduce the air influence of polluting the surface

    4. Powder coating use Aksu powder, which is a famous international brand.



    Blue (RAL5015); Orange (RAL2004); Grey (RAL7047) or Customized


    Thickness of surface: 60-80um



    Several advantages of powder coating over paints are:

    l Powder recovery for reuse

    l No VOC generation therefore no VOC destruction required

    l Can be more durable than paints (powder chemistry dependent)



    Surface preparation before powder coat application is still critical for adhesion and defect avoidance.


    Typical steps in a powder coating process for metal parts and its purpose:


    1. Cleaning (typically an alkaline cleaner, but substrate dependent

    2. Rinsing

    3. Phosphating (optional step to improve corrosion protection and adhesion)

    4. Drying

    5. Powder Coating

    6. Curing (typically energy intensive since relatively high temperatures are required to get the powder to liquefy and flow*)


    *Powder coating formulators have been working to reduce the cure temperatures to allow the process to be used on temperature sensitive materials.



    Jiangsu Unisource Industrial Co.,Ltd.

  • R&D
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